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SocialLife Agency understands the mysteries and inner-workings of Twitter. They have been able to achieve a record number of followers for our brand and even a positive ROI....which I never thought possible with Twitter.

Herbert was like a breath of fresh air when we first started a business relationship in the summer of 2012. Starting a small business is challenging. Introducing a new technology is very challenging. Introducing a new technology in an industry that generally covets 1950s technology is extremely challenging.

EverTune introduced our revolutionary guitar product in January 2011. By summer of 2012, frustration had set in. Although we had gone all the traditional marketing routes: accolades from the press including CNN, Popular Science Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, Guitar Aficionado, and the New York Times; hired a PR agency; paid for ads in magazines and online; partnered with established companies in the industry like VGS guitars; had support from many traditional trend setters such as famously successful guitarists and producers; our product still seemed unknown and our sales were showing it.

Then SocialLifeAgency said that they were inspired by what we had done and thought many other people could be too if they could be reached in the right way. They really seemed genuine, so we began a relationship which became a light at the end of the tunnel.

From the start SocialLifeAgency careful pruned our image as seen from the general public's point of view. In fact, they created much of our image, first writing, producing, and editing a video that introduced our concept to the world. This video became invaluable as future customers and potential customers shared the link: It now has over 41,000 views.

They then set about on a campaign to get other trend setters to review our product. Instead of the traditionally famous trend setters, they hand picked people who would give us the most impact in TODAY's world. They identified the people on the internet that were making the best quality video reviews and who's reviews received the most hits.

They then tweaked all of our social media sites and magically interlinked everything to synergistically grow from everything else. Hence we went from virtually 0 presence in Social Media and in the public eye, to a substantial presence on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube. And of course, all of this impacts sales.

And on from there, they carefully monitored all of the major forums regarding EverTune and any other web outlets discussing EverTune and made sure to amplify the good and to balance the less than good by addressing it directly and promptly correcting any errors and omissions people might make.

SocialLifeAgency is a true PR company because they helped EverTune Relate to the Public successfully. And they are masters of internet and social media PR, which is the new PR. The value they added to EverTune in our nascent stage is invaluable.

  • Cosmos Lyles
  • Founder EverTune

Herbert and SocialLife Agency took me from 10,000 followers to over 1 million followers in less than 5 months. They also helped me become one of the most retweeted people on Twitter and every post that I make I am trending in some of the popular hashtags on Twitter and that is a direct result from Herbert and the company SocialLife Agency. I would advise any person that wants to create a high profile on Twitter to use their services.

I have had the pleasure of working with SocialLife Agency for the past 6 months, and I am continuously astonished by the results they deliver. I went from a mere 1,500 Twitter followers to over 200,000! The owners of the company are easy to work with and determined to help their clients succeed. I have and will continue to recommend SocialLife Agency to anyone wanting to increase their Social Media exposure.

  • Basheerah Ahmad
  • Celebrity Fitness Expert