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About Us

SocialLife Agency is a Toronto based Internet Marketing company that operates on an international level. We are a tight knit team of highly skilled and experienced individuals. We pride on being gurus of social media and are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. Over the years, we have specialized in understanding the mechanics and uses of Social Media Networks and Online Marketing. This focus catapults our clients social media awareness and visibility and builds a targeted and interactive Fan/Customer-base exponentially.

Our current client portfolio ranges from athletes, personal trainers, celebrities, fashion brands and companies to political and environmental campaigns. We aim to provide an outstanding yet discreet service where you can easily measure the results, so you are free to continue focusing on what's important to you while we keep managing the various marketing aspects of your personal presentation, company or brand.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, increasing your personal or business visibility effectively through social media - contact us now. We will carefully review your requirements and needs through our proven analysis that takes into account your project - yet exceeds your goals. We genuinely care and love to help people grow their ideas and business to a global awareness.